The Hunt

The Hunt ★★★★

I'm not sure if it was the stupid controversy or the rona that killed this movie, but what a shame that such a sharp, fun movie had to suffer the consequences.

The Hunt has a bit of anything-goes approach that some filmmakers have a hard time handling. Craig Zobel doesn't have that problem. While it may be a "safe" move to make a politically-slanted movie that criticizes both sides, this movie is all the better for it. The Hunt proves the old adage that the best humor has a ring of truth to it. (And the truth in this horrible era of "Fake News" is what we need, isn't it?)

The Hunt has also upped my appreciation for Betty Gilpin, who absolutely nails her bad-ass character. Because make no mistake. As funny as the movie is, the often gruesome action is what really makes this a crowd-pleaser.