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  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • The Tree of Life
  • Eraserhead

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  • Resurrection


  • Nope


  • Radio On


  • The Million Dollar Hotel


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  • Resurrection



    Margaret, a successful businesswoman and single mom, becomes alarmed when a man from her past (a creepy Tim Roth) appears in town, taunting her with a buried secret. Great performance by Rebecca Hall as the woman who goes from confident to a nervous wreck in days; the finale (minus epilogue) is not the shock some have made it out to be--it's just the unflinching "logical" conclusion to the bizarre premise--but it does satisfy.

  • Nope



    A brother/sister running a failing ranch supplying stunt animals to Hollywood productions investigate a UFO that's spooking their horses. Up until the final act, this could be an artifact from the late 70s/early 80s, emphasizing storytelling and characterization (with some humor) before visual effects; the rules of the game turn murky in the exciting but unsatisfactory final act. So far, it's either the best average movie of 2022, or the worst above-average movie.

Popular reviews

  • After Last Season

    After Last Season

    A pair of med students who may have psychic abilities stumble onto a serial killer, or something like that, in this strong candidate for the worst feature length film ever made. Between the baffled actors reciting bewildering dialogue, sheets of paper taped to walls to identify sets, and the crude trial software animation used to bring the characters' mental visualizations to life, it's like listening to your dullest friend relate his strangest dream. A film to watch because it exists and for no other reason.

  • Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway

    Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway


    A CIA agent (who also happens to be a hunchbacked dwarf and pizza connoisseur) accepts a mission to go into "Psychobook" to combat the virus "Stalin" released by the Soviet Union. Meet the President of Ethiopia (a kung fu supervillain) and Jesus himself inside this virtual reality world which is itself nestled in an alternate reality where the Cold War never ended, and technology is simultaneously stuck in the 1990s and decades ahead of where we are today. You've never seen anything quite like this absurdist psychological thriller/camp comedy. It's a real-deal next-generation cult movie waiting in the wings.