Persona ★★★★½

I'm confused, in the best way.

Somehow, this is the first of Bergman's towering filmography that I've got to - a cinematic crime, I'm sure. However, based on this viewing of his supposed masterpiece Persona, he seems to deserve every ounce of the acclaim and adoration that he has been showered with by cinephiles for decades now. This is one of the most exquisitely, carefully crafted films I've ever seen, with shot after shot that are both intricately beautiful and utterly confounding. I'll admit that I found much of the film pretty elusive in terms of understanding what was going on, but I gather that's part of Persona's reputation. Regardless, the masterful direction, stunning lead performances and fascinating themes of duality and identity made this film one that's gonna be impossible to forget, and almost definitely one that will require a second look.