Pig ★★★★★

“Now you’re in the loop.”

I’m not the most emotional kind of person when I watch a film, show, or game. But they’re exceptions like Pig that are just too much for me to handle.

Many reviewers kept saying it’s like John Wick and it was even a joke a lot of people made after hearing the premise, and while I agree it is similar to the idea of someone having to revisit his past after something bad happens, but this movie is so much more than that. Pig, without getting into spoilers since I say go in blind for this one, is 2 people’s spiritual journey of healing in a way and a study of value, we want to be on the top, we want to be powerful, but do we know what it costs? Nicolas Cage and Alex Wolff are absolutely amazing in this film and in fact all the cast are really great, David Knell was also a real standout in this film. I really highly recommend this movie, a definite highlight for 2021.

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