WandaVision ★★★

May contain slight spoilers 

As I have only watched the first 3 episodes that are out, my review is subject to change.
 (Also I have not read any comics, I’ve only seen all of the marvel films up to date)

However upon watching these 3 episodes I have noticed several ups and downs. Everyone in the show so far gives a fantastic performance, with no issues there at all, there are great props, sets, costume and make up too, and the show does fit well in the marvel universe with the contrast of these two superheroes living in a surreal utopian environment.

I did however notice a few used narrative tropes from other similar postmodern media such as The Trueman show, Pleaseantville and a few others, I don’t necessarily think this a bad thing it just doesn’t give it as much originality to the series. 

In my opinion in most marvel films the humour works well but in this series it just doesn’t for me. The laugh tracks don’t help, yes they probably are for ironic purposes. Even though I thought the episodes were above average and enjoyable to an extent, I think I maybe laughed once or twice which isn’t desirable as I feel like the humour is a main element of the series.

I can’t help but feel that the enigma of the story is taking too long to unfold, most of the episodes feel like filler and the endings reveal a slight indication of the enigmatic resolution but not enough to keep me truly grasped as an audience member.

Of course being a fan of marvel I will continue to watch this to see how it unfolds as I think the show will get better and my review and rating will change.

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