Thunder Force

Thunder Force ½

Literally one of the least funniest films I’ve seen in a long time 

Has one of the worst superhero suits ever 

Has some of the worst jokes (I swear how many times to they have joke and emphasize they are in Chicago!! Seriously, if I hear someone joke about the Bears or the Cubs… I will strangle them!!!!)

Why does Jason Bateman have Crab arms, it’s literally the dumbest thing ever

Why is Melissa McCarthy the main character, just WHY! 

Why are the villains laughably bad, I mean the MAIN VILLAIN IS THE VILLAIN FROM PAUL BLART MALL COP

Why do Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman have a dancing montage, who wanted that! Pls tell my who wanted it!

Why does little Melissa force a guy into a trash can in the beginning? And what’s even worse is that the kid doesn’t question it and just jumps in it. I don’t understand. 

(This film made me question life itself and this is one of the worsts superhero films ever)