After Hours

Was forty minutes into The Master, watching it on a laptop in my room. Ate too much chicken in there and it made me claustrophobic so I came out to finish The Master in the living room. Demi had the DVD menu up for “After Hours” and asked if I’d like to watch “After Hours”. Demi was sewing pants and was going to watch a movie while he sewed pants. I said “I was going to ask if you wanted to watch The Master,” as I’d been watching it in my room. He said, “Oooh!” and seemed excited by the prospect. We discussed whether it would make sense for me to start The Master over, or if he’d be alright to start it from the scene where PSH meets JF. Remembering After Hours (DVD menu was still up), I suggested we just watch After Hours instead. He offered once more to continue to watch The Master from where I was, which was kind, but at the end of the day it just made more sense to watch After Hours.

So we did! And it was a silly movie