First time seeing this, always avoided it bc i’ve already been exposed to so many small pieces of it through my life, and TBH it looked like something ppl remember fondly but is actually a bit dated. 

But seeing the piano dancing scene finally in context was pretty magical. The movie is very loud about its post-ET glitzy 80’s score, but then there’s this long, quiet moment between a 80 year old CFO and a child-man oblivious to the growing, equally sincere crowd gathering to watch them bond! Also, it’s an actual stunt that these actors are doing this, pretty impressive. I know I’m describing one of the most iconic moments of the 20th century movies as if no one knows it but it never made sense to me why it was so iconic and makes a lot of sense now. Weird, brilliant scene I can’t imagine someone pitching and choreographing, but it’s incredibly unique and effective. Choked me up! 

A lot of this movie is absolutely wild. Most wild part is scene of Mom having a harrowing phone call with her kidnapped child, who himself is just embarrassed to have to hum her a stupid song she used to sing on the phone and cannot possibly understand the gravity of the situation. Just insane, I love it. And Tom Hanks is so good. Sweet, weird magical movie!

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