Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon ★★★★★

Only watched the second hour after coming home and it was on in living room love this movie best Al Pacino feels like a true amalgam of the fade of a hopeful mid 60’s and America’s general agreement on the dystopic level of corruption within our government. Feels prescient! I don’t know if this is the true encapsulation of post Vietnam but in my simple mind this movie is what I think post Vietnam USA must have felt like. I took one class on Vietnam and now I’m typing all this?! Granted, it was a very good class. Co-taught by two guys one a former Marine who fought in Nam and one a college kid who avoided the draft by attending school. So two very good perspectives. Is this movie even remotely about Vietnam? I assume so. Someone should take this app away from me! I’m coming down from an edible FYI. I hate when I tell people I am on an edible and they say “oh, that’s okay!” I know it’s okay, dingo! It’s for both of us so you understand my actions better, I’m not apologizing! I’m just informing you like I informed the DMV that I had a lazy eye when they examined my eyes so they wouldn’t think I was blind and not give me my license. Yes I have a lazy eye! Don’t look for it in pictures; you’ll start to see it and that is unfair to me.

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