I do have thoughts but primarily I want to say that from 2005-2010 I had a poster of Munich hanging up in my room, adjacent to a poster of The Producers (2005). All this is to say I lost my virginity parallel to a poster of Munich (2005) and a poster of The Producers (2005(which I haven’t returned to but fondly remember as “very good”, rather than the more common descriptor of “very bad”)). 

Munich was the first “serious” Spielberg I ever saw and one of the first rated R movies my father took me to. It had heightened importance to me, even though my understanding of the subject material stopped around “these events happened and they happened with guns.”

I also had quotes from the film inserted with screenshots into my myspace bio. This I had forgotten, until I heard the prime minister character say  “Every Civilization Finds It Necessary To Negotiate Compromises With It's Own Values”. I absolutely picked that quote because it had big words (negotiate) and made me look smart. Looking back, it’s an absolutely psycho, terrifying quote to see on a 14 year old’s MySpace page.

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