Gabriel has written 135 reviews for films with no rating during 2020.

  • A Perfect World

    A Perfect World

    Asked my friend Steve if I could borrow his HBO Max to watch a movie with my parents again. He said only if I watched this Clint Eastwood movie from 1993. So we did that, but now we have his log in and can watch whatever we please tomorrow! Fair trade.

  • John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid

    John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid

    Mom went to bed so dad wanted to watch a comedy special 😎. He laughed hard at the curse words; he’s not really allowed to watch curse word stuff with mom. 

    At the end when Mulaney said “goodnight!”,
    I also turned to my dad and said “goodnight!”
    as a joke. He then asked what time I’m waking up in the morning and I lied to him and said “nine.” In truth, I will get up later than nine 😎

  • Soul


    This is my three year old’s favorite movie!

  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal


  • Nine to Five

    Nine to Five


  • The Firm

    The Firm

    Scrolling through Netflix with the parents, I suggest Ladybird and mom seems willing but she’s pretty sure she’s seen it, but she can’t describe one event from the movie. Dad suggests we watch something I haven’t seen, which is the trickster’s way of silencing my suggestions. 

    We switch to Amazon Prime. I suggest A League of Their Own. Dad says sure, then corrects course to a “you sure?”, and then says “There’s no cryin’ in baseball! That’s what you gotta know!”…

  • Dead Man

    Dead Man

    I watched this movie with my Dad when I was living at home. I remember being shocked he sat there and watched the whole thing. His review was, “that was weird.”

  • Elf


    Watched 45 minutes of Elf but that counts as watching Elf 

  • Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

    Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

    Watched at home with parents. During movies, Mother goes on Facebook and forgets we’re  watching a movie, then will turn to us and say “this is interesting — a couple in Atlanta are helping to nurse squirrels back to life!” or something and we nod or don’t nod depending on the time code. She did that once during this movie, too. Other than that, good movie!

  • Thief


    Continuing my two days long tradition of watching Michael Mann movies in Florida

  • Miami Vice

    Miami Vice

    Everyone is mean to each other in this

  • The Post

    The Post

    Watched on phone on plane. Now I am in Florida!