Jeanne Dielman, 23, Quai du Commerce 1080 Bruxelles ★★★★½

during this movie, you will want to jump off a building. much like ole jeanne dielman here.

this movie... is revolutionary lmao. i was immediately hooked during the first 5 minutes because we see an average, conservative looking mother in her tidy apartment just get *paid* for sex. minutes later, she feeds her awkward looking son some soup. like what?? lmao. for the next 3 hours, you are FORCED to see jeanne fastidiously keep her daily routine: wake up, breakfast, grocery shop, lunch prep, clean, dinner prep, repeat. chantel akerman named the scenes as such which i thought was so genius. however, once her routine starts chipping away, it crumbles as fast as her sanity.

the long takes of her cutting potatoes or doing anything really, i was fidgeting the whole way through. it was uncomfortable, long and i honestly wanted to throw my computer across the room tbh lmfao. i was like OMG FINISH THOSE DAMN POTATOES lmfao. and everything is so quiet all the time but i bet she's screaming in her head just like we are watching this movie. those long takes tho, beautiful. the same spots were filmed so much that i was able to map out the house. as if i spent all day in there too!

chantel akerman did a phenomenal job at really making the audience uncomfortable. never in my LIFE do i wanna see someone cutting potatoes for that long again lmfao. i love this movie for how insane it made me feel and showing the world how fucking awful the monotony of housewife life can be.