Grease ★★★★★

I finally forced my bf to watch this and I got to rewatched it after years of not having seen it. 

Some things definitely haven’t aged well; the sexism, bullying and peer pressure, to say the least. If it were made now I probably wouldn’t like it as much, but this movie remains a classic in my eyes. I know the scenes by heart, can recite the songs word for word and have such an attachment to Rizzo, a first-timer may not understand (“but babe she’s the bad guy?!?!”). 

To make it easier on my bf, who doesn’t quite like musicals, I skipped a few of the long and otherwise unnecessary parts (I didn’t want to lose him before igotchillstheyremultiplying); goodbye greased lightning, sandy & beauty school dropout, you’re annoying anyways.
Anyways, this isn’t rlly much of a review but fuck do I love this movie!

Before being a full fledged adult dating an Italian, I never realized just how Italian this movie gets. Inch-resting
Also, my boyf’s final thought at the car flying off in the air was: “wait are they going to hogwarts?

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