Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★

This reminded me of Suicide Squad in the way, like that’s trailer, the opening credits gave me false hope for what turned out to be very boring.

This film showed so much potential in the first half with it seeing like a fun, over the top zombie film, featuring a Vegas setting that had so much promise. In the end what we got was a second half which consisted of unearned actions and grey corridors, with the Vegas setting not being utilised at all, even after they turned on the power. 

The acting is fine, I guess (I have to be honest I could be arsed to pay attention in emotional scenes) and the over stylised Snyder-ness does work at points where he stopped taking everything so seriously. But those upsides are overshadowed by the downsides. It’s way to long and doesn’t fulfil any possibilities, the editing is extremely sloppy at points (to the point where it feels like Bohemian Rhapsody) and the cinematography is obnoxious which is why Zack should never be allowed to be his own DoP.

Also the extremely on the nose needle-drops remind me of Suicide Squad, as even though they aren’t very good, they are a nice release from the boredom.

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