Liverpool FC: Champions of Europe 2005

I didn’t watch this but 


I grew up watching this religiously and it’s been surreal to see us relive and beat this level of glory in the last couple of years

Klopp, you are my surrogate father whether you like it or not

It’s definitely odd to see the celebrations in an empty Anfield, but at this point, winning the Premier League after 30 long years is fine with me

Also I no longer cry looking at Stevie’s slip knowing that we’ve now made up for it

The trophy lifting a few minutes ago definitely doesn’t live up to the excitement of the events of this film, or the drama against Barca last year. However my broken heart of our last two attempts at the title (last year not being as significant because I’d lost interest in football) have been healed

Not only has this healed me emotionally from a lifetime of average Liverpool, it’s also made me fall back in love with football 

This is just me rambling about my my love for a group of people I don’t know who’ve been forced on me by my Scouse dad since birth, so to end on a powerful (ish) note