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  • Zodiac



    Zodiac is one of those two hour and thirty minutes-long films that you just don't get tired watching. Everything is so neatly put together, the mystery is as much engaging as you could want, there's just enough to give you sort of a conclusion on who the killer might be all the while giving you the space to feel free and make your own theories. It encourages you to look for more information on the internet and deepen your knowledge…

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    I will never not love La La Land. It is such a special place to come back to whenever I want to be fully immersed by cinema and art, the true meaning of both those things and the power they can hold. Whenever I want to fall in love all over again with the way dreams and love work and how they sometimes just can't both walk together in the same direction. Because that really is how life works. Sometimes…

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  • Her




    I could write about the beauty of finding love in the strangest of places, or the ease of the writers and actors in translating such a peculiar love to the screen where you could feel the chemistry just by the sound of their voices and the words that followed it. Maybe I could write about how Her is an absolute rollercoaster of emotions, how my heart built and kept building as this relationship developed in such a passionate way,…

  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    I'll go straight to the point: Black Panther is excellent. It is easily MCU's best origin and overall film until this day. And there's a lot of reasons that back up this statement.

    1. World-building
    Wakanda is without a doubt the best location that ever came out of the MCU. It has history, a fascinating mythology that is surprisingly well-explored (unlike most of the MCU) and the cinematography and landscapes are at times truly mesmerizing. It is a place not…