La La Land

La La Land ★★★★★

I will never not love La La Land. It is such a special place to come back to whenever I want to be fully immersed by cinema and art, the true meaning of both those things and the power they can hold. Whenever I want to fall in love all over again with the way dreams and love work and how they sometimes just can't both walk together in the same direction. Because that really is how life works. Sometimes you just can't get everything you want and not everything that seems meant to be will actually last. However, in that aura of sadness the film finds a space to be hopeful and to actually make your heart smile. It showcases life in a relatable, real and heartbreaking way but it lifts you up as you crumble down after this shock of reality. It's an absolutely magical experience, one I always end up wanting to go through again had I the emotional strength to endure that in such a short time span.

You can tell how everything was thoroughly thought out and placed together and, most of all, you can tell the great amount of passion that was poured out into this project by everyone involved. And that is why it comes across as such a unique and mesmerizing piece, that is beautiful to the eyes, ears and heart. It is perfection in the form of film, one you can never forget.

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