Red Notice

Red Notice ★★½

Red Notice is exactly what you would expect from it given the talent involved and what it was promoted to be - a fun flick to watch as your brain sleeps. The fun part is questionable but I'll give it that. The first half is solid, both in humor and action. It felt quite balanced and entertaining, and the characters engaging enough. After that, the film starts to trip over its own twists, and in doing so much ends up connecting so little. It grasps on the protagonist trio's charisma and chemistry, which really are the best part of the film, to hide those trips and never lets go as everything else seems to lack the amount of fun presented in the first hour or so. In the end I'm not sure I would call it a good film or a good time, but it has enough of an entertainment piece feel and fun moments that I wouldn't call it a bad either.

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