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  • Licence to Kill

    Licence to Kill


    Another excellent chapter for Dalton.
    Bond going rogue on a personal vendetta of vengeance is a great direction. Not only is it very well suited to Dalton's darker take on the character, but it also adds a level of personal stakes very films in the series up till now could match.
    The script is pretty strong by the series standards. Its still too long. But more by being rather overstuffed, as opposed to dragging on interminably as Bond is wont…

  • The Call of the Wild

    The Call of the Wild


    Yea, the dog is CGI.
    But that isn't really the biggest issue here. In fact I think this whole project would have been improved by a Tintin-esque style Mo-Cap styling all the way around.
    Beyond an oddly expressive CGI main character that takes a good half hour to get used to, there are two big issues holding this back.
    One is Chris Sander's inexperience in live-action. As is so often the case when either fresh filmmakers, or animation directors take…

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  • Glass



    The true finale to M. Night's unexpected comic book trilogy.

    And like all good Shayamalan films, its every bit as unexpected and surprising to experience as it was inevitable and poetic in hindsight.

    It comes with many of the classic issues that plague his movies. Tons of deeply awkward exposition. Somewhat wonky pacing. And a truly idiosyncratic tone and atmosphere that will either engross or alienate the viewer.
    But it also comes with all of his strengths. Beautiful cinematography, filled…

  • Split



    It's not perfect, but the craftsmanship is impressive throughout.
    The premise might be absurd, but Shayamalan diligently rewards audiences for their patience and suspension of disbelief every step of the way.

    James McAvoy gives several stunning performances, and Anya Taylor-Joy is excellent as well.

    I'm still torn on the film's handling of certain, incredibly dark subject matter, but the film never lost my engagement or respect as long as I was willing to allow it to take me on it's…