BlacKkKlansman ★★★½

An effortlessly engaging and entertaining exercise in style and wit. Bolstered by a (mostly) razor-sharp script and a fantastic supporting cast led by the impressive John David Washington.
Also a scathing indictment of racism in America, it sadly undercuts itself by portraying all the bad characters as inbred buffoons who can hardly make it through the day without tripping on their own shoelaces.
Its a lazy tact that is definitely entertaining to watch. Yet it keeps the entire film at the surface-level.
And that's fine, the film's high entertainment value helps it easily overcome its misguided graspings for an importance it could have easily attained if it wasn't trying so very hard.
It felt like once every fifteen minutes Lee would have one of the cast turn to the camera and shout, "See! See! Trump is just like the KKK!!!". It got old real fast. And unfortunately the ending is topped off with yet another groan-worthy montage just in case the audience was too stupid to get the point.
In an effort for importance, the film that could so easily have been eternally relevant, dated itself right out of the gate.

Still, sloppy preachiness aside, its a fun, thrilling and often uncomfortable yarn that had me glued beginning to end.