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These are the kind of thoughts that kept me out of the really good schools.

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  • Hot Seat

    Hot Seat

    I always get a kick out of Mel Gibson being an asshole, he's still a lot more likable and charming bastard than the goody-goodys half his age, and sadly now that Hollywood kicked him out for it we have to turn to movies like this, where our slumming former A-lister, in a clear example of metatextuality bravado, plays "washed up old has-been who haven't yet recovered from his fucked up past" in a Phone Booth knock off that makes you…

  • Macumba Sexual

    Macumba Sexual


    Great title. Franco seems to have two ideas here, one is making a Lewis Carroll sexual fantasy (call it Alice in Macumbaland) with Ajita Wilson's gender-bending African goddess representing the duality of male and female, phallic and yonic, and the other is filming Lina Romay like a bitch in heat going down the rabbit hole. The many scenes of Romay agonizing nude in bed makes for a good juxtaposition and turns into some sort of salacious poetry later when she's…

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  • The Negro Soldier

    The Negro Soldier


    "The treatment accorded to the Negro during the Second World War marks, for me, a turning point in the Negro's relation to America. To put it briefly, and somewhat too simply, a certain hope died, a certain respect for white Americans faded. One began to pity them, or to hate them. You must put yourself in the skin of a man who is wearing the uniform of his country, is a candidate for death in its defense, and who is…

  • Go Ahead, Brazil!

    Go Ahead, Brazil!


    "Hoje, uma página virada na história de um país que não pode perder a perspectiva do futuro."

    Gol da Tchecoslováquia.