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This review may contain spoilers.

- Really didn't think the film was gonna have a dark ending like that. I guess in my head people had always described New Taiwanese Cinema by saying that "not a lot happens". But then again the only other film I've seen from this era of Taiwan is Yang's A Brighter Summer Day which does have a quite dramatic ending (and for that matter a dramatic title in Chinese). Probably should've seen this one coming. Fairly powerful image there at the end as A-Lung just slowly dissipates into wisps of smoke on an abandoned street, giving way to A-Chin's (and Taipei's) new life.

- If you really think about it, Taipei is like another character in this film. wow!

- The film wears its English title's allusion to Tokyo Story on its sleeve. Generational changes and all.

- As usual, I love a film where people so casually code switch between languages.

- I think it's really nice that Hou Hsiao-hsien and Wu Nien-jen both act in this film. What a cool community to be a part of. Did they do other things on set for each other too? Did Wu do craft services? Did Hou do set design?

- Is there anybody cooler than Tsai Chin in sunglasses and a pantsuit?

- I really need to get a move on and watch more movies from this generation of directors: Tsai Min-liang, Hou Hsiao-hsien...