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  • Buffalo Juggalos

    Buffalo Juggalos

    love to the juggalo strutting down the hall of an abandoned building with 2 alpacas looking like nu metal Eric Draven

  • I Am Love

    I Am Love


    Always leave your lesbionic confessional in a CD copy of Salt by Arto Lindsay

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  • Things Behind the Sun

    Things Behind the Sun

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Pretty taken by the themes.

    Reckoning with the commodification of trauma and the art world’s demand for, and lauding of, the austere as the only respectable means of expression. The insistence that art be raw to an exploitative degree yet digestible and by some means commercially viable, particularly, in the music industry.

    The tension caused by the fact that these exigencies sometimes coincide with the artist’s own desire to take back control; diminish their trauma to something palpable. 
    Now, instead…

  • Ratcatcher


    Death and destitution but no spectres.  
    Always very interested in the fact that despite dealing with these unnerving, compounding, ephemeral rites there is always weightiness. Not as in a heavy air or a haunting but an artifact. 

    Death of childhood; death of many selves wherein the bodies remain. Secrets as set rotting furniture. Thinking also of the scene from M.C. where Morvern leaps over her boyfriend’s corpse, as if it were a footstool, on her way to get burning food from the oven. Anyways, gotta love incendiary trash as both political statement and allegory.