The Moth Diaries ★★★★

A very enjoyable retelling of the CARMILLA story with much less emphasis on lesbian sex and vampiric throat-ripping, and more attention to the emotional side of longing and relationships.  Think of it as a PBS Masterpiece version of Hammer's LUST FOR A VAMPIRE.
At a posh girls' school where almost everyone comes from broken families, best friends Rebecca (Sarah Bolger) and Lucy (Sarah Gadon) find themselves drifting apart when the mysterious Ernessa (Lily Cole) comes between them.  Soon, strange and sometimes inexplicable occurrences begin plaguing the students and staff.
Although CARMILLA is the inspiration of the source material, there is a smattering of DRACULA in there, too, specifically with the vivacious Lucy who becomes the focus of the threat.
The movie had three strengths for me.  The trials and tribulations of student life among the girls seemed quite realistic.  The performances were very strong in key roles.  Finally, the exploration of the importance of human relationships and the need to have a confidant in life was an excellent motivation for character actions.
The movie was based on the book of the same name written by Rachel Klein.  From the book reviews, I understand that it is written in a diary format, causing the reader to wonder if these events are really occurring, or if the narrator is delusional.  The movie tries to capture that, also, but the audience is witness to these events reducing the likelihood of delusion.
I was pleasantly surprised by this one.  Shock horror fans will need to look elsewhere.  Those who enjoy steadily building shudders should feel right at home.