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  • Hobgoblins


    Watched for Hooptober 6 on Prime.

    Pretty sure the hand to hand lesson with gardening implements was lifted from Star Trek, most likely the 'Amok Time' episode. (I love how oddly they fight in the original Star Trek.) Also pretty sure Club Scum was secretly a VFW. Also also pretty sure they had five stuffed animal hobgoblins and one hand puppet hobgoblin--although it's possible they only had like three stuffed animals. (The number of times they showed the hobgoblins that…

  • Zvenigora


    I saw this free on youtube, with somewhat dodgy, possibly automatically-generated subtitles under the Russian intertitles (except on occasion, where there was only the Russian with no English subtitle at all). I wonder if it would've made any more sense had I been able to access this through something like Criterion instead of through youtube.

    I feel like Dovzhenko did an excellent job showing the horror of war without ever showing explicit violence so far as I recall. Shadows with…