Cube 2: Hypercube

Cube 2: Hypercube

Watched on something with ads for Hooptober 7.

I wonder what the heck was going on in some of the alternate dimensions the movie peeks into. The senile old lady is accused of lying, but what would the old lady have even been lying about? Does she make enough sense for it to be reasonable to categorize her speech as truth or lies?

The guy with the knife was gross. He reminds me just a tiny bit of the book Man's Search For Meaning--a tiny comment in there along the lines of 'the best people didn't survive.'

This movie was mostly ok, but at times super irritating. The blind girl was barely more than a lamp to carry around for most of the story despite being shown reading braille in a quick flashback (she's shown as having 'can cope with blindness' skills pretty much ONLY for that quick flashback). The number written here and there and how on earth that would've come to be written down, AND how they would've caught on to what it means. The guy with the knife. The one lady, Kate, always always always being like 'no, I can't leave this person behind' when everybody needs to hustle out of the room, presumably as a way to try adding some tension (most irritating in the situation with the handcuffs).

Is it necessarily true that strangers stranded together will devolve into treachery and violence? The first two Cube movies seem to believe that mostly yes.

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