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As any good father should know, your daughter or son should know about zombies. How else will they defend themselves when the impending apocalypse comes? My father showed this movie to me on a nice dark night when we were living in a small farmhouse in a middle of a field. I immediately was captivated by the film being shot in black and white (which, to anyone who loves movies is usual, but not to a young girl who is spoon-fed colored TV at all hours of the day). The film was quiet to begin, but was soon taken over by a strange mcguiverish feeling. This movie shows a struggle through one night, just one night! of the end of the world. It shows how humans are quick to ban together, but also how humans are quick to kill anything they don't understand ...

There's that 'rare' brand of person who tells me how much they love zombies, and I'm so excited to talk to them about the Living Dead movies (or rather, the trilogy), but hey -- they always answer "Oh, I'm just a Walking Dead fan..." *facepalm*. You have to learn the basics to zombies. Sure, Romero didn't invent the zombie, but he modernized it and publicized it and made it popular.

When people tell me they have not seen this movie, I'm quick to pull it up on YouTube -- it's THERE. It's FREE. You have no excuse not to see it. So stop reading and go.

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