Logan ★★★½

Hey, look, I love Hugh Jackman, and he did a great job as the first guy to bring Wolverine to life 17 years ago, but somewhere around the X3/Wolverine Origins era I got over it. They kept cranking them out, and that's fine, but I kind of feel like Logan is one of the very few where I'm like "Okay, not bad." Not great, not amazing, just not bad. Lots of strong stuff in this movie. Some really cool sequences. A few weird character choices. I feel REALLY weird about one of the character deaths just because it played out so strangely (reminds me of Han Solo in Force Awakens actually).

Whatevs. At least they cranked out a decent one to finish Jackman's run. He was good enough to deserve that, but I am actually ready to see someone else's take.