Star Wars

Star Wars ★★★★★

For this rewatch I was able to track down a copy of the 2006 DVD release that contained the original Theatrical Cut of the film (or at least the closest we can get anyways) and it was nice to be able to finally see the film that audiences in 1977 fell in love with and made Star Wars into one of the biggest movies of all time, as well as compare it to the Special Edition version that I grew up with and got me to love Star Wars myself.

It's a shame that tracking down an out of print DVD or the Despecialed Editions are the only ways that fans of this film can even come close to seeing the original cut of this film, this was a groundbreaking film both in terms of technical film making and cultural impact, and that original cut of the film should be available for people to see, and I implore Disney to do just that. I would buy a 4k Box Set of the theatrical cut of the original trilogy, and I guarantee that releasing them on Disney+ would be one of the biggest releases of the year on the platform.