Tenet ★★★★★

buckle up... i got out of the screening 30 mins ago and i have a lot to say this is going to be my longest review yet because i don't really know how to put it into words so i'm going to write down all my feelings

first of all if you rated tenet anything less than 4 stars you're boring and have no imagination i think if you truly thought about it, it's a really interesting and cool concept and you'd actually understand it if you just gave it some thought.... must i fully understand a movie for it to be amazing? no

i can definitely understand people's issue with not being able to hear the dialogue over the score except i very rarely had this issue (?) it was only in the middle of a couple action scenes that i didn't know what they were saying but i didn't feel like it took away from the experience at all like i still knew exactly what was going on so i didn't mind much.

it's a really confusing concept for sure and i can see why people say nolan's lost his mind, but i've given it a lot of thought and i really found the whole time plot (classic nolan) interesting & super cool tbh and i think nolan’s mind is very interesting i’d like to know what goes on in there

a lot of the action scenes gave me the same feeling as watching the final dream levels collapsing scene at the end of inception like that feeling when you've just dropped down from the top of a rollercoaster... like that feeling in ur stomach you know the one... that's the feeling i get with both the end of inception and a lot of the action scenes in tenet and i honestly loved it and it's what's making me keep thinking about the movie still

joun david washington was an amazing protagonist i'm so happy he got lead i truly cannot imagine anyone else playing his character... elizabeth debicki amazing actress i loved her character so much and personally kenneth branagh's character was so annoying i rly didn't like him but i understand his importance to the film obviously.....

overall another amazing nolan film he never disappoints, i had my doubts before going into it but i recommend it to anyone who enjoys action packed movies with a lot of amazing plot twists ... and to anyone who just enjoys a classic amazing nolan movie <3 yes you’ll come out confused but that’s just the chris nolan experience

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