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  • Extinction of the Dinosaurs
  • What Now, Catherine Curtis?

    What Now, Catherine Curtis?


    "You did an unforgiveable thing, Ben... You made people feel sorry for me."

    Lucille Ball gives an unexpected, and very effective, dramatic turn in what could easily fit alongside the likes of great stagecraft. A simply put-together piece about freeing oneself from the hurt of past, but having to contend with the uncertainty of the future when familiarity, no matter how painful, can still be a comfort zone.

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  • Mercy Rule

    Mercy Rule


    So many shit-eating grins, you'll swear you were watching Salo instead

  • Thir13en Ghosts

    Thir13en Ghosts


    A little too half-baked for its own good, which is a real shame. Maybe with another rewrite or two, some stronger direction, and an editor not obsessed with music video style cuts (damn you, early 2000's), this could have been way more substantial.
    Still, a fun enough romp. Plus you gotta love those ghost designs.