The Empty Man

The Empty Man ★★★★

I love movies about cults. This is one. Something a little more powerful than a Manson here leading the laiety to murder. A curse blown over the top of empty bottles takes a viral path from some faraway lands to a large town in North America. Really pulled me in. Looks fantastic, well acted, really put together. The mountains traversed by a small group of tourists, one of them becoming increasingly spacy, accompanied by big, ominous notes from a great horror score. ‘DAY ONE’ appears large, exotic; the crusty, sun-whitened mountain range as backdrop. That quality that begins The Exorcist in Iraq working on me here. It’s all a wonderful hook. I’m not too certain the logic of the curse makes a whole lotta sense along the rest of the investigative narrative. The film avoids too much telling, that's for sure. Takes some chances and allows for a bit of mystery even if it rings hollow. I mean, aren’t all curses pretty vacant? I watched this and threw it back on immediately afterward and it gathers tighter focus on a rewatch. The thing is, I really didn’t care whether I learned more about the logic of the curse. Just wanted to hang out there again, down with the dread.

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