Spencer ★★★★½

Dear Kristen Stewart,

I want to take this time to apologize.

I was lied to.

I've only known you for more than a decade as "The girl from Twilight". I've only known you described as "The worst actress ever". I had never, and still haven't, seen those films, yet I was led to believe, from infamous clips, that you were "The worst famous actress to ever be on film." Based on those clips, I detested you. I made it a thing, to never watch a film with you in it, ever in my life. Like an idiot, I didn't even give you a chance.

The news breaks. A biopic about the late Princess Diana Spencer, directed by Pablo Lorraine, starring......Kristen Stewart.

I laughed. I thought it was a joke. "How the hell is the Twilight girl gonna play this iconic British woman?" Every time more news came out about the film on social media, I chuckled. I couldn't believe this film exists, and is coming out.

Then, last year, 2020, I stumbled upon one of your performances, in a film I had no clue that you were in, Still Alice, a supporting role alongside Julianne Moore. And I thought that you nearly stole the show. "She should have been nominated for an oscar. I had no idea that she had the ability to convey emotions in a role like this", I thought. I was blown away. Then I decided to watch another film later on, that you were in, American Ultra. Again, I thought you nearly stole the film in a supporting role.

"OK, this girl is for real."

Things changed. I realized I was lied to. I watched "The Runaways". You killed it as Joan Jett, alongside Dakota Fanning. You showed the ability to portray a real life character. Nonexistent, once again, was the wooden acting and poor delivery I saw in the bits and pieces of Twilight.

Fast forward to 2021. The trailer for SPENCER, releases. This time, I was absolutely ecstatic, not just because, at this point I had watched a few Pablo Lorraine films I had never seen, not just because of how gorgeous the film looked, but because you were playing this role. I couldn't believe I was that excited, but at the same time, I could. I had seen you put in work.

Kristen, I don't know much history behind the Royal Family in the 90s, but all I know is, you murdered this role. Absolutely murdered. I am officially a fan, and I thank you.

I apologize.

- Brandon


Pablo Lorraine should get all the biopics. This is one of the most gorgeous looking films I've ever seen(?), and the camerawork is impeccable. I love this man's directing style. This, like JACKIE, perfectly captured the feeling of being in the room with the lead character. I was engaged the entire film, and I thought the exploration of Diana's psyche was masterful.

She was a woman that just wanted to be free. She was a woman that just wanted real friends. She was a mother just wanted to eat some KFC with her boys from time to time.

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