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  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    I wish there was more THERE there.

    I suppose one could try to discuss an immigrant's assessment of America, of American culture, morality, race relations, and popular culture set against the backdrop of modern-day Atlanta. However, that would be REALLY REACHING. This is about the zip zip and not much more.

    One of the things I have always liked about Edgar Wright's work is the deeper subtext of story. So to deliver something that is all slick surface... it just doesn't meet expectations.

  • The Fits

    The Fits


    More, please.

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  • Phoenix






    I was slightly trepidatious about approaching a film touted as "'Vertigo' from a woman's perspective," because I think 'Vertigo' does a halfway decent job of presenting a female perspective. However, I was wrong and was completely floored by this film.

    I think of "Inside Out," which went great lengths to let the audience know it is OK to be sad sometimes, failed to show the pressure placed on people - especially women - to be happy all…

  • Anomalisa



    With films, especially personal or autobiographical films, there is always this tension between the story and the storyteller. Sometimes, the story wins, because "this story has to be told." Sometimes, the storyteller is more important because this entire project is one big fat exercise in ego.

    "Anomalisa" does a great job of taking you into the mind of a misanthropic being who does not care for or respect the humanity of others, and when he finds another person, he immediately…