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  • The Witch in the Window

    The Witch in the Window


    This film teeters between family drama, creeping horror, and supernatural thriller without ever quite excelling at any of them, but based on the two lead characters' relationship and interactions I get the feeling that this film would've been best off sticking to a family drama with horror elements and leaving the ghost chase scenes out entirely. The ghost in this film is at its best when its serving as a catalyst for some conversation or decision between the father and his son. Any time it evolves into a proper threat it loses everything that made it frightening.

  • Possum



    Shame has a way of disguising itself as guilt when we carry it around for long enough. Sometimes it becomes so powerful that it starts to feel like a physical thing. I wish I couldn't relate to the feeling of waking up to it staring you in the face. It's like fuck, you again? Living with trauma is tedious like that though. This movie is also tedious, but in a bad way. Like playing Silent Hill 2 except James carries…

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  • Cyberbully


    If you are a health teacher and you show this in class like my health teacher did when I was a freshman in high school, know that you are forcing some shy weird kid to hold back peals of hysterical laughter during the I CAN'T GET THE CAP OFF scene that was, inexplicably, not funny to a single other teenager in the room.

  • Paris, Texas

    Paris, Texas


    I'm grateful for this film's ability to create an empathetic portrait of this character who has done ostensibly despicable things. Some people simply do not get the hang of living, and they chase simple pleasures and treat people terribly and then disappear by force of one of the least alluring of life's truths—that no one owes anyone anything, not even something as simple as their proximity or an explanation for denying it to us. Even the people who created us…