Malignant ★★★★½

A stylishly directed throwback to cult-exploitation films and containing a lot of colors, shots, and imagery that reminded me so much of a classically tense thriller/slasher/giallo combined with a little bit of melodrama makes for a thoroughly fun experience that seems primarily concerned with shocking, exciting, and entertaining its audience. Some of the intentionally jarring and sudden tonal shifts might turn people off or make it seem as though Wan doesn't have total control over the type of movie he is making here, but any sort of tonal whiplash I felt only added to the overall craziness of the movie.

The effects and gore are totally on point and it really only lost me with the actual resolution to the story - it was a tad bit too neat and easy for my tastes and while I love the character of Gabriel and what he is shown to be, I found I maybe wanted a bit more in terms of his character well. I'm not sure if Wan has any plans to turn this into a franchise but I would absolutely welcome more movies of this ilk from him.

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