Wonder Woman 1984 ★★★

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Gal Gadot seems very comfortable and confident in her skin as Wonder Woman. 

I gotta say, I LOVE all the 80’s stuff. The cars, the clothes, the hair, all of it! It could be my eyes playing tricks on me but I even feel like there is something about the film stock that shows some grain that also gives it that authentic 80’s vibe. 

Chris Pine is fantastic and hilarious.

It’s interesting to compare the duality of the last movie and this one. In the last movie, Diana was the fish out of water in Steve Trevor‘s world. While in this movie, Steve Trevor is the fish out of water in Diana‘s world. I’m sure that was intentional by director Patty Jenkins but I still think it’s interesting.

The plot is a little thin to me, unfortunately. I still don’t quite understand how Chris Pine’s character exist in this world. Is he living inside that other dude’s body? Is that other dude even alive or have any memory of his previous life? I dunno, I just don’t like that plot line. 

In the end, it was a decent movie, not quite as good as the first one but still entertaining.