Midsommar ★★★★

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midsommar is what trauma looks like beyond the dark and is pain in broad daylight; it never wants to reveal itself, but when it does, it’s not something anyone wants to look at. it’s coping with loss and self-medicating with pleasure. it’s having not just a sense of companionship, but also an identity in other people and the struggle of reclaiming that when they’re taken away from you. are you a daughter without a mother? a sister without a sibling? a lover without a person that loves you? what self will you hold on to? often, we’re forced to live with trauma before learning how to recognize it, and that ends up manifesting in the most grotesque ways we don’t want to think about when we’re alone. 

this is a fragile mind in a state of horror. everything from the colors to the sound are so disorienting and uncomfortable (a similar feeling achieved in last year’s ‘hereditary’) and breeds nightmare after nightmare. midsommar is an art film with the real story, whatever it may be, only occuring between the lines of its script. florence pugh is a gem. ari aster, a fucking nutjob.

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