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    Unfriended but with a little breathing room.

    It's predictable at times, and the reveal seems to come out of left field, but this format is still super intriguing to me. It seems to effortlessly hold onto suspense.

  • Pick of the Litter

    Pick of the Litter


    Just a style-less fluff piece about puppies and sometimes that's all you need.

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  • Prom Night

    Prom Night

    I think we can all agree there was, in fact, a prom on that night.

    I had assumed this was a remake and now know that I'm right but wrong. Am I missing anything that might remotely connect this to the 1980 JLC original?

    What a turkey to watch on Thanksgiving. Dialogue, BAD. Storyline, BAD. Idris Elba, WOULD SMASH EVEN THO I'M STRAIGHT.

    Should've just watched the Macy's parade rerun.

  • Bordello of Blood

    Bordello of Blood


    September 2018 Daily Horror Scavenger Hunt

    Original post by Rich Strahs

    16. In 1963 The Outer Limits premiered on this day. We are going to watch a horror movie based on a TV show.

    If you didn't grow up watching SNL in the early 90's, Dennis Miller is totally punchable. I get it. Fortunately, that time period was my middle school days and you HAD to watch that show and love everyone involved.

    I can't believe I put this…