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  • Stephanie



    C'mon now, Blumhouse. :-/

    The child actress playing the titular role is great. I can't find much else positive to say about this one, though.

    Almost nothing happens in the first 30 minutes. The reveal of the monster's identity is random but unnecessarily spoonfed to us. The CGI is painfully bad.

    The direction is fine, but it doesn't excuse some questionable (at best) or lazy writing.

    Edit: Looks like there's some explanation as to why things are so shitty:

    read me.

  • Down a Dark Hall

    Down a Dark Hall


    The ingredients are here for something great, or at least better than average, but it fails to execute when it really counts (last 20-30 minutes). The atmosphere is nice, and the performances are good...even Mrs. Ethan Hawke doing a fwonch accent. However, the reveals come a little too early and it really makes the rest of it drag.

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  • Bordello of Blood

    Bordello of Blood


    September 2018 Daily Horror Scavenger Hunt

    Original post by Rich Strahs

    16. In 1963 The Outer Limits premiered on this day. We are going to watch a horror movie based on a TV show.

    If you didn't grow up watching SNL in the early 90's, Dennis Miller is totally punchable. I get it. Fortunately, that time period was my middle school days and you HAD to watch that show and love everyone involved.

    I can't believe I put this…

  • Terrifier



    The folks behind All Hallow's Eve knew they had something with Art the Clown, and they decided to give him a full movie.

    So....with zero backstory at all, Art just starts obliterating er'body.

    This one is super mean and super bloody. I had a perma-frown on for almost the entire duration...until he started snapping his fingers and dancing to jazz.

    This isn't fun, but GOODNESS GRACIOUS, it is effective and disturbing.

    Unsurprisingly, there will be an official costume for our friend next Halloween season.

    Art may or may not become a genre icon, but you know we haven't heard the last from this fella. NOPE!