It Kills: Camp Blood 7 ★★

Daily Horror Scavenger Hunt 14 – August 2019

original list by Maskull:

10. Any film by any Polonia Brother.

To be truthful, I skipped part 5 to watch this one. The really great news is that you can shuffle the whole deck on this series and it wouldn't matter. Storylines never (okay, rarely) carry over from one to the next, the exposition is always "those people got killed at Camp Blood by that clown" and "oh yeah right, that's not true!", and the cast of characters always hate each other to a degree. It's a cozy universe.

While this one ups the watchability a little bit, it doesn't seem to have upped the production costs. Digital splatter, balloon entrails, and unconvincing cabin settings are all par for the course.

The "hot guy" looks like he could be a retired professional wrestler.

I love that they took the Asylum route and full on went after them It dollaz!