Minari ★★★

I’m still trying to work out why I’m so underwhelmed. There’s something about the ‘teasing-out-the-stupidity-of-the-American-Dream’ genre, however sensitively and humanely done, that I just find empty. You know that if there’s gonna be any truth telling then there will have to be tragedy and self deception and insensitivity.

I get that this is an immigrant story, portraying all the complexity and hardship of their journey and I applaud it for that.

But the brilliant scene in the car park when Monica gets years of pain off her chest, to be then followed with THOSE final scenes, left me despairing and grumpy, rather than buoyed - which is how it wanted me to feel. Jacob, for all his hard work, is a selfish fool, and worse. [Maybe there was more ambiguity than I detected in that ending?]

Great score; often sublimely beautiful; the Gran really did deserve her BAFTA - though all the performances are superb and the kids were perfect.

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