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  • 88:88



    Late last year I was lucky enough to see an edit of 88:88, the first feature by Isiah Medina. Medina is a young, Canadian avant-garde filmmaker, whose short films Semi-Auto Colors and Time is the Sun profoundly influenced my ideas of what cinema is and could be. Later I learned that this version was completed to save what Medina and his friends had lived through up to that point and the idea was to keep on living, filming everything.

  • Titanic



    Damn they don't make em like this anymore

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  • Resident Evil: Retribution

    Resident Evil: Retribution


    Paul W.S Anderson is an auteur. This is not a provocation but a fact. Retribution is his most formally and aesthetically accomplished work to date, a masterpiece of abstract visual design and sci-fi photography. If my words seem tenuous then consider the rapturous reception that greets every one of Christopher Nolan's style free, pseudo-profound Batman misfires. Retribution is a superior work, a video game tableaux comprised of rich and arresting imagery. Anderson is mistakenly dismissed as a hack but the artist is actually working within the confines of Hollywood genre cinema, constantly transcending and elevating it through the triumph of his avant-garde visual sensibility.

  • Blackhat



    For an au courant picture ostensibly concerned with the weaponisation of information and its use by professionals on both sides of the law, Blackhat is bracingly humanist. Ordinary life exists on the fringes of all the cyber terrorism depicted, captured by Mann's constantly moving camera which is so expressive of the director's fixation with subtle gestures and unspoken feelings. It is as if in realising he was making the most authentically contemporary film in cinema, Mann chose to accentuate the…