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  • 28 Days Later

    28 Days Later


    Haven't seen 28 Days Later since it's release, though I had purchased it (and the sequel) for $10 on iTunes many months ago. Now seemed like a relevant time to watch.

    I'll start off with a Fun Fact.

    When I was in film school at Temple University, around 1992, I worked on a short film for PBS with the Director of Photography, Anthony Dod Mantle. He had mentioned coming from Denmark, so I asked if he had heard of a…

  • Blue Rita

    Blue Rita


    Lezdom spy (?) stuff that’s light on plot and long on unerotic writhing. 

    I was reminded why I’ve largely put off watching Franco’s oeuvre.

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  • Us



    I've said it before here, and I am sticking by it... Any movie that has a character (usually a villain) whistling or humming a nursery rhyme or the like is not going to be good.

    I am sure I will be in the minority on disliking Us though, since people still seem to be losing their shit over so-so movies like Suspiria, Hereditary, and Mandy.

    I found it neither scary nor funny.

    Really disliked that alternate voice Lupita used. It's…

  • The Game Changers

    The Game Changers


    I'm not an expert by any means, but I have spent a lot of time reading books, blogs, articles, listening to podcasts and watching documentaries on the subject of nutritional health.

    In my late teens, I was macrobiotic briefly, and then vegetarian for nearly 10 years. In my late 30s, I was Paleo for around 4 years. I don't consider myself paleo now, but I do focus on a "whole foods" diet that is extremely minimal in grains, entirely free…