The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★

Of course before even seeing The Lighthouse, I knew this would be Yet Another Overrated Art-Horror with a majority of 4-5 stars on Letterboxd. But, that's okay — I'm sure anyone who still pays attention to me on here usually thinks, "Oh great, Yet Another Garfinkel Review Where He Shits on a Popular Movie!" So, it's all good. All evens out, and the Universe stays balanced.

But, surprisingly (even to me!), I am not here to shit on The Lighthouse, even if I have very mixed feelings.

The vibe was a bit like an impressive student film. It looked great (yet, I still don't get the fascination with shooting it 4:3); the acting was excellent, even when it was a bit extra (and when I could understand Dafoe). And, the writing was a bit self-conscious in a way that felt less like someone who was trying to tell a great story than flaunt his dialect skills.

Overall, I was often bored, and a bit disappointed. It just didn't amount to much. But, I still admire the effort to do something a little different.

Although, I keep thinking... where have I seen a movie about isolation that takes place in a single edifice during extreme weather conditions, and has a scene with a limping man chasing someone with an axe? Just something in the back of my head. I'm sure it'll come to me.

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