BlacKkKlansman ★★★★★

white america is terrifying

thank you spike lee for making this important, REAL movie. i think that the ending is so unbelievably powerful and makes sense considering the subject matter. it’s not subtle whatsoever with what it’s trying to say and i think that’s exactly the way a movie with a story like this should’ve been made.

i put off watching this movie for so long because of topher grace (i cannot take him seriously at all) but i was genuinely surprised that he was really good as david duke, acting wise, as for the character and real person well waiting for him to croak. 

adam driver was really good here too. his monotone voice fitted well with his character here and i feel like he was supposed to be the sort of subtle comic relief of the movie which i thought was great. really wanted them to develop the jewish storyline a bit but whatever it wasn’t the core focus of the movie but it would’ve been interesting ig.

john motherfucking david washington you talented man. carried the whole movie from start to finish. the talent omfg. the best actor in the whole movie. 

overall let’s hope award season treats this gem of a movie well fingers crossed

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