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  • Isle of Dogs

    Isle of Dogs


    I've never owned a dog, not in a literal sense anyway. My immediate family has always had cat or two, but never dogs. We don't necessarily prefer cats, or think dogs inferior, we just never happened to own one.

    However, from as early as I can remember, other members of my family and as well as my friends owned dogs, so I was brought up around dogs as much as I was cats.

    My Mum and Dad both worked full…

  • Ikiru



    Simple, transcendent and beautiful in it's pure humanity, Ikiru celebrates life in a wholly unique and yet non-pretentious, easy to understand way.

    To simply exist is not enough.
    To indulge in every pleasure that you can take is too much and is yet not enough.
    Look at the other people around you.
    Know that although they may seem different and other from you, we are all very similar in our hearts. And helping those who share a similar heart as you is infinitely more valuable than any artificial pleasure you can obtain.

    What a gift this film is.

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  • In Bruges

    In Bruges


    Everything is relevant, everything.

    Somehow, every scene, every bit of dialogue, every detail focused on, no matter for how long contributes to building tension, comedy, character and/or the overall plot. It's a wonder to behold, even though it's only set in fucking Bruges.

    Nearly every single thing that was meant to make me laugh did, the comedy is amazing.

    And if this is meant to be a tourism film for Bruges like Lord of the Rings was for New Zealand then it worked. I want to go to fucking Bruges now. Just not die there.

  • Victoria



    When I was first told my class was going to watch this in Film Studies I immediately thought the film was 100% going to rely on it's gimmick, that it's a feature length one take film. My snap judgement was that it would be impressive, but only on a technical scale. I was very happily mistaken.

    Victoria is a thoughtful, well paced, masterfully shot, extremely well acted and heartfelt drama that uses it's one take to great effect. It manages…