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  • King Dong

    King Dong


    Back in 2013, I was a sophomore in college. I'd made friends with some folks living down the hall from me in what was then Aspen Dorm at Northern Arizona University. I'd had connections like this my freshman year, but these visits felt particularly special, since the people I'd made friends with were far more on my wavelength and didn't have other friends from rich families who'd whinge about how they only had three thousand dollars left in their bank…

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  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens


    Back in the Star Wars saddle, back to the bullet points.

    - This is mayhaps a tired and too-oft repeated point regarding the Star Wars sequel trilogy, but The Force Awakens seriously needed a stronger sense of where the Star Wars universe has gone in the intervening twenty-some years. A starting plot about tracking down Luke and some dropped lines about his attempting to restart the Jedi Order going wrong, fine, yes, good enough. Unfortunately the movie quickly dovetails into…

  • Pink Flamingos

    Pink Flamingos


    *Registering the Registry also publishes over on medium, with pretty pictures an' everything.*

    Y’know, prior to rewatch, while knocking ideas for focus and direction on this piece around my head, two potential avenues coalesced, both of which relied on using Pink Flamingos as a cudgel. The first was some vague notion talking about the present worrying trend for right-wingers to blanket tar their enemies and intended targets as perverted degenerates, followed by a pivot to championing this early John Waters…

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  • City Lights

    City Lights


    Film School Drop-Outs 2018! Week 2 Retro - The Silent Comedy!

    Having reflected for the better part of 24 hours before writing this review, I think the funniest thing about Charlie Chapin's Tramp are the moments when you aren't sure whether he's cottoned on or not. Take the spaghetti eating scene for instance, where his expression wavers between disbelief and satisfaction, culminating in a head turn and slow standing up with brows knit... only for it to turn out he's…

  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

    My misease over the MCU's relationship with power and its morality grows with every passing day.

    I know it's difficult to remember given the first Doctor Strange is What If We Made A Movie Without Actual Characters, but the ex-Sorcerer Supreme's theatrical debut at least paid LIPSERVICE to the idea crossing self-set moral lines and doing wrong to make right will eventually incur a high cost in return. It's the entirety of the Ancient One's plot in the film, the…