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  • Monsters


    This film undoubtedly helped director Gareth Edwards secure the 2014 'Godzilla' gig. Here, he takes a realistic view of what a world with giant monsters would look and feel like. The film is set ostensibly in Central America, where the locals have learnt to live with the mayhem caused by the invading space beasts. A magazine owner's daughter has become trapped in the region, and one of his photojournalists is tasked with finding her. 'Monsters' captures their journey back to…

  • The Cloverfield Paradox

    The Cloverfield Paradox

    The 'Cloverfield' anthology of films continues with this dumped-on-Netflix entry in which Earth is suffering through an energy crisis. Scientists are shot into space to fire up a particle accelerator in the hopes of engineering free energy. When the thing finally works, our space nerds - along with the rest of the world - begin to experience the worst day of their lives...

    If '10 Cloverfield Lane' felt like a good movie persuaded to fit into the Cloverfield universe, then…

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  • Godzilla: The Planet Eater

    Godzilla: The Planet Eater

    Week 49: 'Godzilla: The Planet Eater' [2019]
    Is Godzilla in it? Yes.
    Sub or Dub? Dub

    This anime trilogy concludes pretty much where it began for me - slow, confusing and a wasted opportunity. As teased in the previous installment, Ghidorah emerges to battle Godzilla, albeit from a different dimension. Or something. Characters talk some more about philosophical things, and this writer falls asleep some more. Sweet dreams.

    Despite being nonplussed by the first two episodes, I was semi-looking forward…

  • The Host

    The Host

    The US military dump formaldehyde into the Han river, later causing a large and ferocious mutation. This giant amphibious fish begins eating and storing away the local population, while the government investigate claims of a resulting virus infecting those who cross its path and otherwise survive. The film follows the trials of a dysfunctional family as they try to evade the government and rescue their youngest relation.

    This film was a pleasant surprise, expertly mixing various genres in its circuitous…