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This review may contain spoilers.

I don’t even know where to begin. From the very start something felt off about this film. Idk if it was the look, the on the nose dialogue, or the overall lack of tension. Even Ghostface looks off. Though Roger L Jackson's iconic voice is always welcome. Scream 4 had awful cinematography but this film had a clean look that was distracting. This felt like a fan film but fan films are better than this shit.

By far the biggest problem is the script. The reason the original Scream works so well is because of Kevin Williamson. He nailed the concept perfectly. He knows how to write the meta dialogue, developing interesting characters, and creating a memorable mystery that will last the rest of the time. Stop making Scream films if he isn’t writing them.

This film tries so hard to emulate Williamson’s style but it fails miserably. The meta commentary felt like a brick to the face. There’s absolutely no subtly and the dialogue sounded like a Twitter thread. The new characters aren’t interesting at all. I guess Sam was the most interesting because the film made her Billy Loomis’s daughter. Still, I didn’t care for her or anyone else besides the legacy characters. This film really wants you to care about the new characters but they hardly had time to be developed. One of them just flat out says “We’re all suspects” out of nowhere. It felt weightless. You know what…

Weightless would be the perfect word to describe this film, especially the direction. Wes Craven’s direction is sorely missing from this movie. His energy added so much to the other films. Some scenes felt like the directors copied what Wes would do, while others had zero energy.

The other Scream films mixed comedy, horror, and drama together so well. This one takes itself so fucking serious, and then terrible meta comedic dialogue pops in every now and then. It doesn’t fit at all. The film is tonally all over the place.

It was nice having the legacy characters back and they did a good job. David Arquette is so damn good in this. He’s the reason why I gave this one star. I was pissed he died because of a horror trope. It’s even worse that he was killed by the absolute worst Ghostface killer of all time. Speaking of which…

This Scream movie has the most predictable and worst Ghostface killers ever. I guessed them right in the very beginning. Mikey Madison, who played Amber, was awful, especially in the end. Her acting “crazy” in the end was laughably bad. I didn’t believe a fucking word that came out of her mouth. The reveal and the ending felt weightless.

Now they’re making a Scream 6… wonderful. I’ll be skipping that one. The original Scream is fantastic and I wish they stopped making these. Especially since Wes Craven is no longer with us. RIP to a legend.

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