Tenet ★★

I appreciate the technical aspects of this film. Nolan's direction, the cinematography, & the action scenes are top notch. The score is my favorite part of the film. It helps elevate the film & it's a main reason why I gave this 2 stars instead of a lower score. Whenever it was used I found myself enjoying the film more. JDW is good but Kenneth Branagh was my favorite performance because he was taking this stupid shit so serious it made the film more enjoyable.

I appreciate Nolan's ambition to tell this crazy story but man are the story & dialogue bad. It's amazing how whenever the characters were spouting dialogue I checked out everytime. They were speaking complete nonsense & idk what Nolan was on when he was writing it. The story is so fucking confusing. I kept saying "What the fuck is going on?" out loud like a dozen times. Idk if that's the point or what but scenes just happen & then characters speak in tongues. It's a lot of horrible exposition then awesome action set pieces over & over again. I was told that multiple viewings would help with the story issue but idk if I'd wanna watch this again. The long runtime isn't worth it in my opinion.

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